Agnikulakshatriya Samaikya & Sankshema Seva Sangham – Vision

Agnikulakshatriya kulam | Agk | Agk Kulam 

Agnikulakshatriya kulam | Agk | Agk Kulam 

Agnikulakshatriya kulam | Agk | Agk Kulam 


Agnikulakshatriya kulam | Agk | Agk Kulam  Agnikulakshatriya Samaikya & Sankshema Seva Sangham Main vision is to unite the every Agnikulakshatriyan’s in Andhra Pradesh under one platform by co coordinating with the already established Societies and Sangams related to the Agnikulakshatriya’s statewide and Spreading the History of the Agnikulakshatriyan’s to each and every one to get awareness of the Agnikulakshatriya’s History and Make them feel proud of being an Agnikulakshatriya and Providing  below Welfare Services to the each and every Agnikulakshatriya’s family in Andhra Pradesh.

Welfare Services Offering to Agnikulakshatriya’s:

Education Development Services :

If we come across any child of Agnikulakshatriya family  below 15 Years is working because of poor financial things or some other reasons, we as a team contact their parents, identify their problems, help our self best to  make sure that every child of Agnikulakshatriya need to study minimum 10th class by  coordinating with Child Welfare Association  and Children Welfare Societies through out Andhra Pradesh.

Helping  Talented and Poor Students only  in their Higher  Studies by donating amounts when they contacted Us and Sponsoring them by Identifying the donor’s if any from our community from Diploma/Intermediate to B Tech, Degree to MBA/MCA… Read More>>

Employment  Development  Services :

To Help Students who have Completed B.Tech and MCA and Looking for Jobs in Software Stream, We are running one Software Training and Development Office  in  Hyderabad by which we are providing Best Class  and Real Time Projects Oriented Courses in PHP Stream as of now and We will soon extended to Java and .Net Streams also…    Read More>>

Jobs Consulting  Services :

In order to provides Services to All People along with Software Stream, We have launched free Jobs Consulting Portal  by using this every one can upload their Resumes to Job Portal, from our side we collect all the Information and maintain records at our side, when we come across any Job Vacancies, Job Offers we will give preference Our Agnikulakshatriya’s First for getting Jobs and to Reach High Positions. to Upload Resume  Click Here

Matrimonial Services: 

From our childhood  we are seeing all communities “Vivaha Vedhika” Functions except Agnikulakshatriya’s, Even though it happens one or two places, every one don’t know about it. We never tasted in our Generation but  we want to provide it to our future generations, With this Strong Desire on Mind from this year onwards We are going to conduct one free “Agnikulakshatriya’s Vivaha Vedika”  State Wide. Read More>>

Blood Donation, Eye Donation, Organ Donation & Health Awareness Services:   

Because of illiteracy so many of our people habituated to Smoking, Drinking etc and Most of the people are effected Very dangerous disease like “AIDS”. We need to Save Our People from such things, We need to the importance of Donations of Blood, Eye, Organs and Importance of health for Them Self and Their Family and motivate them to participate in Donations when Some One Need It.   Read More>>

Emergency Services: 

When we came to know that any incident related  to Fire Accidents, Cyclones, Earth Quakes etc. We react immediately  and help our people there by collecting donations  from our community and we extend to this all the people based on the severeness  of the problem. We treat you as our Family Member  and Help Our Level Best Read More>>

Conducting Community and its History Awareness Programmes: 

In order to get Identity and Special Status  for Agnikulakshatriya’s in society we are conducting  Youth Meetings, Community Meetings District Wise, Karthika Masa Vanabojanalu etc regularly every year   Read More>>

Agnikulakshatriya kulam | Agk | Agk Kulam 

Agnikulakshatriya kulam | Agk | Agk Kulam 

Agnikulakshatriya kulam | Agk | Agk Kulam