Education Development Program

Education will plays Key role in the Development of the Society, Which helps peoples to Work Better and  Create Opportunities for Sustainable and Viable Economic Growth Now and into the Future,  It gives people critical skills and tools to help them better provide for Themselves and Their Children.  It helps  fight  the spread of HIV/AIDS and Other Diseases, Reduces Mother and Child Mortality and helps Improve Health  and it Cncourages Transparency, Good Governance, Stability and helps Fight Against Graft and Corruption.

By observing above facts,  Agnikulakshatriya Samaikya & Sankshema Seva Sangham is Delicately  working for the Education of the Agnikulakshatriya’s with a Aim to make Sure  That every Agnikulakshatriyan should must study till 10th class.

If anyone has Merint in Education and Interested to do Higher Education  but Unable to Continue because of Financial Conditions, We will help him by Enquiring  all Details of the Needy. If the the Person is Really in need of the Help and Having Talent,  Then we will help them by Donating Amount by Collecting Donations from Our Community  People Only.
List of People who have Benefited with this Program:

Student Name : Kokkiligadda Lankeswarao

Studying : B Pharmacy

Address : Kammanamola, Avanigadda Mandal, Krishna District

Amount Donated   : 75,0000/-

Date : 25-12-2014


List of People who have Donated for Kokkiligadda Lankeswarao:

1. మత రాజు గారు  : 50000/-
2.కొక్కిలిగడ్డ. మహేష్ : 14000/-
3.చిప్పల లంకేశ్వరావు : 1000/-
4.నాగీఢి. సాంబశివ రావు : 1000/-
5.పీత. విజయ్ రాజు : 1000/-
6.తిరుమణి. జగనాధ్ : 2000/-
7.రామిలవార్. అరుణ్ : 1000/-
8.వాటాపల్లి. అంజిత్ : 4000/-
9.మళ్లాధి. నారాయణ : 2000/-


People Who want to  Participate into  Social Services or Students who are in need of  Financial help to do higher studies contact us. We will try our level best to help our people.

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